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Xitel mySAFE Personal & Auto SmartSafe

  • $9995 inc GST

It's not always convenient to take all of your personal items with you when you leave your office, dorm, home or car. That doesn't mean you want to give opportunistic thieves a chance to steal things like your cell phone, car keys, iPod, camera, Bluetooth headset, sunglasses, passport, watch, jewellery, wallet, purse, credit cards, and other valuables. Not only can these be expensive, they may also carry important information that could compromise your personal security.

Revolutionary new personal safe with motion alarm:

Personal SmartSafe is a revolutionary new metal safe designed to protect valuables left in your office, dorm room, home or car. Its unique, patent pending design combines a strong radial lock with a sophisticated motion alarm and steel security cable to keep your personal items exactly where you left them. Don't be fooled by the simple exterior - mySAFE's advanced Motion Monitoring TechnologyTM intelligently scans for interference and sets off a loud 102dB alarm if tampered with while armed!

Key Features:

  • Super strong, all metal construction is designed to withstand serious attacks.
  • Motion detection works on any angle without requiring careful placement.
  • Filters out accidental bumps to prevent false alarms.
  • Loud 102dB alarm draws lots of attention and keeps going as long as there's unauthorized movement.
  • Configurable - choose from three different levels of alarm sensitivity.
  • Cable hole lets you recharge your battery powered devices while they remain safely locked inside.
  • High security, solid axial key lock keeps your valuables secure.
  • Can be used as a portable safe or locked to an immovable object with the included steel attachment cable for the ultimate in theft prevention.

Download Xitel Rockpool Catalogue (PDF)