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Safemore 2 Level Power Stackr Power Board

  • $4950 inc GST

Safemore 2 Level Power Stackr Power Board, 6 Australian Outlets

SAFEMORE® vertical power supply, or Power Stacker is an innovative way of organising power supplies around your houses and offices, not only it gives you the maximum usability of the sockets provided, but also provides number of direct and fast USB charging ports for your smart devices, such as smart phones and pads.

  • Made with very high safety standard, fully complied with Australia and New Zealand standard
  • High quality material used in manufacturing, for safe and quality performance
  • Colourful design to lighten up your desks
  • Two switches for you to turn sockets on or off (turning off when not use for safety and energy saving)
  • Build-in overload protection
  • Fast USB charging for smart devices
  • Cream body contrast with either orange or blue, orange or green, or black