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AZIO VISION Large Print Backlit Keyboard

  • $6950 inc GST

Extra-large print keys to reduce eyestrain

The AZIO Vision keyboard features extra-large print keys to reduce eyestrain and promote productivity. To further promote visibility, this keyboard features 5 backlight colours including Red, Pink, Blue, Cyan, and Chartreuse***. The backlight brightness is easily adjustable by simply turning the brightness wheel. Productivity is further simplified with dedicated internet and multimedia hotkeys. Enhanced visibility, colourful backlights and built-in hotkeys, the Vision keyboard is a keyboard people of all ages will love.

***The colour Chartreuse sits directly in the middle of the frequencies of visible light, making it the most visible colour to the human eye.

  • Easy to see large print keys. 2 X Larger than conventional keyboards.
  • 5 Interchangeable backlit colours with adjustable brightness.
  • Backlit brightness adjustment wheel
  • Backlit colour toggle button.
  • Soft-touch palm rest.