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Shuttle Xpress Black

  • $8995 inc GST

Productivity to go


It doesn't matter whether your workspace is less than optimal or you're a traveling professional without a desk. Everyone needs to get work done, no matter their environment. Enter the Contour ShuttleXpress, a compact multimedia controller based off of the award winning ShuttlePRO.

A fraction of the size, the ShuttleXpress is still loaded with all the features that made its big brother such a success. Five oversized buttons line the front side of the Xpress, each pre-programmed to work with many of the most popular audio and video editing applications on the market. Atop the Shuttle sits a fully rotating jog knob positioned precisely in the center of a spring-loaded rubberized Shuttle wheel, each awaiting but a twist to assist with your projects. And backing it all is Contour's Shuttle software, constantly updated to maintain compatibility with the most current releases of applications and operating systems. So no matter where your Shuttle lands for work, you'll be ready, willing, and more than able.

Compact Control

All five large easy to press buttons are grouped right around the Shuttle wheel to prevent stretching and straining.

Go for a Jog

With the Shuttle's jog knob and accompanying spring loaded wheel editing will be a pleasant stroll through the park.

2 Dimensional

The ShuttleXpress is so thin that you'll think it's a drink coaster sitting next to your keyboard.